The restaurant Cas Ferrer de sa Font, located in the historic center of Ciutadella is located in an old traditional ironwork house of the eighteenth century.

When visiting this landmark restaurant you can see some vestiges of the old smithy, such as the forge and belows, anvil (dated 1756), tools and old price lists of works borrowed from the old blackmiths.

This menorcan house was transformed into iron for more than two hundred years, working in her family for five generations Caymaris. Subsequently, the blacksmith's business was taken over by Jordi Canet, who began working at the forge at the age of six years as head of the fire of the forge. Later the business passed to his son Sebastian Canet, who was the last blacksmith who worked on the premises until his retirement in 1995.

Cas Ferrer de sa Font was already an important place for the farmers of Ciutadella, which were to fix agricultural tools and shoeing the animals used for transportation and field work. Also passed by the children (some with fear caused by fire, the black walls and the continuous ringing of the hammer on the anvil), wich would change round in their tops by a point "blacksmith" much stronger and resistant.

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